Tips for Playing Dragon Tiger Online

Tips for Playing Dragon Tiger Online

Tips for Playing Dragon Tiger OnlineDragon Tiger is one of the easiest card games out of all the games on Live Casino, just by making a bet on the owner of the card with the highest value where the dealer only wants to give each of the players only one card.

Trick to win Dragon Tiger Casino, you should first learn how to play it. Dragon Tiger Casino online betting card game does not use joker cards. Cards that will be given by banker to dragon and tiger will only get one card.

The lowest card value is Ace and the highest is K, regardless of the type of motif on the card. If sorted from the lowest so the order will be A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K. Your job as a player is to predict who will get the highest card value on a dragon or tiger, or it could also be a tie.

For winning, you will get paid 1: 1, if the tie is 1:10. Tiger or dragon will not be burdened with commission time to play, however, if a tie is tied, the bet amount on the dragon or tiger will be halved as the commission cost. Former funds will be returned to all players.

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The trick to win betting on Dragon Tiger Casino online that we will work on is to use a multiplication formula. Using this formula is easy because you don’t think too much, all it takes is a lot of capital and patience. Big capital is needed because we will be multiplying the bet in each round The ways are as follows:

  1. Choose the table that you will play.
  2. Don’t bet right away, but analyze the game first.
  3. Dragon Tiger WM Casino games tend to bring out the repeated ends frequently. For example, the one who came out as the winner was the dragon, so maybe a few rounds in the future the dragon will come out in a row.
  4. You just need to wait for the same results to come out in sequence until a minimum of 3 times. Example rounds 1, 2 and 3 produce consecutive dragons. So the 4th round you have to place the tiger because it has a bigger chance. Suppose you place a bet of 50 thousand.
  5. If in fact the 4th round is still a dragon, so the 5th round you put 100 thousand is still for the tiger. If your bet is correct, you will win 50 thousand. But if the 5th round still takes out the dragon, so the 6th round you have to fold the bet to 200 thousand for the tiger. If the 6th round is a tiger, so in total you have made a profit of 50 thousand.
  6. After winning, so you just have to repeat the process from the first.

How To Guess With Four Online Casino Roulette Numbers


How To Guess With Four Online Casino Roulette Numbers – For lovers of gambling games, you must be familiar with the game of roulette gambling. A gambling game that is very easy to play by anyone with a small stake. However, the results obtained can be quite large in a short time. So do not be surprised if the game of roulette gambling is in great demand.

There are two types of versions in the roulette gambling game, namely the American version and the European version. The difference lies in the numbers on the wheel surface. The American version has 38 numbers, namely 0-36, but the 0 is 2.While the European version has 37 numbers, namely 0-36.

36 numbers roulette or roulette is the number of numbers on the roulette table itself. Both the American and European versions of roulette still have 36 numbers. The only difference is the number of 0 on each playing table. You still have to choose from 36 numbers that will come out as winners.

To guess the numbers and colors that come out in the roulette gambling game is not easy because there are 36 numbers and one 0. So you have to learn the tricks and formulas commonly used by roulette players. That way you can win the game of roulette easily and get abundant profits.

Roulette Numbers Tips

1. History of the game of roulette

Playing roulette gambling is very important to see the history of the roulette game itself. Of the 36 numbers, not all have a chance to get out even if only once. However, there are certain numbers that can come out up to four times. So to find out the roulette numbers pay attention to four rounds then place bets.

2. Select a color and select even odd at once

You certainly don’t want to lose a lot when playing roulette gambling. You can choose a color and choose an even odd one at a time in one game round. This can reduce the risk of losing badly and increase the risk of winning even if the winnings are quite small.

3. Multiply the same bet

When you have decided to place a bet in one number and color. But not yet getting a win, multiply the same bet. Keep doing this until you get the victory. The chances of winning in this way are quite large and have been proven by many roulette gambling players.

4. Playing with betting patterns

Determine roulette numbers by making betting patterns that get you closer to winning. The clearer the pattern you use in the roulette gambling game, the greater the chance to win. Even though when you bet playing roulette, you only use a small capital.

Roulette Number Guessing Formula

  • Martiangle Roulette Math Formula

The martiangle formula is the formula for guessing roulette numbers that is most widely used by roulette gambling players. Every player needs a formula for guessing numbers to make it easier to win. This formula is quite popular among roulette gambling professionals and is very easy to apply.

The martiangle formula teaches you to keep multiplying the bet when you lose, but when you win, you have to return to the initial nominal. Repeat until you feel you have won the maximum. This formula can be applied to black or red, even or odd, big bets (19-36) or small bets (1-18).

  • Fibonacci Roulette Math Formula

The Fibonacci roulette math formula is another formula that you can apply when playing roulette gambling. This formula has the smallest chance of risk than other formulas but the potential for winning is quite large. So there is nothing wrong with trying to apply this formula when playing the best online roulette.

The application of this formula is the addition of the previous two numbers to get the next number. For example, in the red bet you lose four times in a row with a nominal value of 100,000, 200,000, 300,000, 400,000. On the next bet you win, the capital you used at the beginning will return completely.

When viewed simply by applying formulas and tricks to find out the roulette numbers it looks quite complicated. But if you learn the theories and put them into practice right away they will be easier to understand. So it’s better to learn the theory while you open the roulette gambling game and play it.

The Formula Number One For Playing Poker Online


The Formula Number One For Playing Poker Online -Who doesn’t want to win online gambling? Of course, winning is a dream for all online gambling lovers. Even in the game of poker, it’s not difficult if you want to win. Meimei will discuss more deeply about the latest easy-to-win online poker formula which is guaranteed to make all my bosses win in playing.

Of course Meimei will provide formulas and methods that are easy and my boss can understand in online poker games without having to give my boss a headache. Without wasting a lot of time, let’s please take a look at the discussion of the following meimei below.

If in the game of poker there are players who always win, the secret is only 2. Namely, because of the luck factor and because the player is good at calculating the hand. In playing online poker gambling, there are several new easy-to-win poker formulas that bosses can use in betting.

  • Counting Cards That Are Handed Out

For cards that are distributed by online poker bookies, there will be a percentage of the appearance of any cards that are dealt. Even if the boss has a good card like the US pair, it doesn’t mean that my boss can win at the game table. Conversely, there are also other players who place a raise or all-in bet when they get good cards such as the US pair, K pair, Q pair, J pair and 10 pairs, because these cards have a large amount of value compared to the card value pairs below. .

At least, in the distribution of cards at the game table, the predicted cards that are dealt have a chance of about 10-12% of winning. This could happen if the dealer still hasn’t opened the first 3 cards.


In the first method, Meimei has explained that the appearance of the cards at the time of dealing has the same chance. But, if the boss wants to place several pairs of cards, how come the boss can bet a raise or can be all-in because Meimei sees a fairly large chance of the two ways of betting.

If the boss wants to know which poker cards will come out, then there are 2 types of card conditions that exist. Namely, a pair card (pair) and a card that is not a pair (1 pair).

  • Pair Card (Pair)

The boss pair card must be able to increase the number of bets on the game table. These are some of the cards that often appear in online poker games when the dealer starts to open 3 opening cards at the table, A-A, K-K, Q-Q, J-J, 10-10, 9-9, 8-8.

  • Card 1 of a Kind

For cards that only have 1 type or have combined variations such as curls, hearts, diamonds and so on, there are several pairs of cards that my boss can use to increase the bet amount. Namely, A-Q, A-K, A-J, A-10, Q-J, and K-Q.

Well, that’s all for meimei’s discussion of the newest easy-to-win online poker formula. Hopefully what Meimei discussed this time can be useful for all my boss. Thanks for your time, boss.