Tips for Playing Dragon Tiger Online

Tips for Playing Dragon Tiger Online

Tips for Playing Dragon Tiger OnlineDragon Tiger is one of the easiest card games out of all the games on Live Casino, just by making a bet on the owner of the card with the highest value where the dealer only wants to give each of the players only one card.

Trick to win Dragon Tiger Casino, you should first learn how to play it. Dragon Tiger Casino online betting card game does not use joker cards. Cards that will be given by banker to dragon and tiger will only get one card.

The lowest card value is Ace and the highest is K, regardless of the type of motif on the card. If sorted from the lowest so the order will be A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K. Your job as a player is to predict who will get the highest card value on a dragon or tiger, or it could also be a tie.

For winning, you will get paid 1: 1, if the tie is 1:10. Tiger or dragon will not be burdened with commission time to play, however, if a tie is tied, the bet amount on the dragon or tiger will be halved as the commission cost. Former funds will be returned to all players.

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The trick to win betting on Dragon Tiger Casino online that we will work on is to use a multiplication formula. Using this formula is easy because you don’t think too much, all it takes is a lot of capital and patience. Big capital is needed because we will be multiplying the bet in each round The ways are as follows:

  1. Choose the table that you will play.
  2. Don’t bet right away, but analyze the game first.
  3. Dragon Tiger WM Casino games tend to bring out the repeated ends frequently. For example, the one who came out as the winner was the dragon, so maybe a few rounds in the future the dragon will come out in a row.
  4. You just need to wait for the same results to come out in sequence until a minimum of 3 times. Example rounds 1, 2 and 3 produce consecutive dragons. So the 4th round you have to place the tiger because it has a bigger chance. Suppose you place a bet of 50 thousand.
  5. If in fact the 4th round is still a dragon, so the 5th round you put 100 thousand is still for the tiger. If your bet is correct, you will win 50 thousand. But if the 5th round still takes out the dragon, so the 6th round you have to fold the bet to 200 thousand for the tiger. If the 6th round is a tiger, so in total you have made a profit of 50 thousand.
  6. After winning, so you just have to repeat the process from the first.